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My name is Emily Rios and I pretty obsessed with all form of social media especially Twitter. The fact that we are all here studying social media shows just how powerful the medium has become not only for personal use, but in business, politics and entertainment to name a few.

I grew up in Southern California in a suburb2d3300c about 45 minutes east of Los  Angeles and have lived here my whole life  except for a semester I spent leaving  in Bloomington, Indiana attending Indiana University. I earned my B.A. in  Communication Studies from Regent University in December 2012. My degree  was done via online courses so I could  remain working in Southern California  instead of having to move to Virginia Beach, Virginia where Regent is located.  Earning a B.A. online further developed my love for all things social media  related because I was able to experience  firsthand how connecting online  affects one’s communication abilities.

My love for social media developed from a love of journalism. I decided at a young age that I wanted to be a  journalist and wrote for every school publication possible growing up. After attending IU my first semester out of  high school I moved back home and transferred to the local community college, Citrus, and began studding  communications. I immediately joined the campus newspaper. After a couple of semesters I became the online editor and then the editor in chief. My focus was not only on putting out a great newspaper, but finding ways to grow out online presence by utilizing social media and video. After I earned my A.A. from Citrus I was hired on as the Teaching Assistant for communications program. I served in this capacity for four and a half years where I worked on-on-one with students teaching everything from newspaper design and copy editing to Photoshop and video production. I am currently working for a small church  where I maintain the membership database, create publicity materials and help with event planning.


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