Ello avoids ads, data mining


February 26, 2015 by EmilyCRios

ElloData mining, or  according to Oracle, the practice of automatically searching large stores of data to discover patterns and trends that go beyond simple analysis has become a part of life. While some feel like data mining may be evasive, brands can use it better serve their customers by tracking what people are searching for or buying and them make recommendations.

Ello is a social media site that judging by their about page prides itself on being a social media platform that does not sell ads or use data mining to track its users or sell information/data about those users to third parties. In October of 2014 Ello, which was originally a private social network created by a group of artists before they created a public version became a USA Public Benefit Corporation meaning their sole goal is to create a space that produces a benefit for society as a whole and have specific guidelines in their PBC charter that prevents them from using ads or data mining for financial gain.



Advertising is becoming a big part of social media and data mining is what is helping these sites and marketers target ads to a specific audience. The lure of Ello is that users will not have to deal with ads that they do not want because the site is not concerned with making money from advertisers and while this effort is applaudable I cannot see other social media sites deciding that the financial gain is no longer worth it and go back to an advertisement free environment.

Social media is a great way to connect with others, but the fact that Ello is not open to everyone and is by invitation only could be seen as a hinderance because they are not going to get large numbers of users compared to other popular platforms. Ello seems fine with not having extremely large users numbers. According to a Mashable article on the site, Ello’s new chief marketing officer Rene Algeria said, “We don’t need to have 2 billion people on our network. That’s not our aim or our goal, We just want people to get onto the network to experience it now and going forward.”

I think Ello will be a great site for those with a more artsy side looking for a platform free of ads where they know their data is protected, but I don’t think it can compare to the likes of Facebook or Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Ello avoids ads, data mining

  1. caseygrenet says:

    Great post- I actually spoke with my co worker about this site this week at work. He absolutely hates data mining and is against it 100%. He only has a Facebook account because we need it for work. He said that Ello is very appealing to him and he would prefer to be on that site vs Facebook. He too fits into the artsy category. I thought this was interesting seeing that the creators of this site are artsy people. I, on the other hand, am not too bothered by data mining. I think it comes with the territory of being online and on social media. If you don’t like it, then don’t be on it. I don’t think that Ello will ever get near the level that Facebook is on. I agree with you that it is perfect for that crowd that does care about data mining to an extend that they would not be on other social sites. The fact that Ello also is invite only does not appeal to me. I don’t think that Ello or any other social site will take the place of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ads are what keeps social sites running and I am not sure how an app store would provide the funds to keep a social site running.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      Ello definitely seems to be geared towards artsy types. I’m also not bothered enough by the data mining that occurs on social media platforms to not be on them. An app type store does seem like a good alternative for Ello to make money, but I cannot see it being able to compete with the type of revenue that advertising makes.

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