I’m a student, not an actress


February 26, 2014 by EmilyCRios

I’m sure everyone is guilty of Googling themselves from time to time. Before doing so for this week’s assignment I made sure to clear my browser history and sign out of Google. When I searched using my first and last name my results were all about an actress with the same name who happens to have the same middle initial and grew up less than 20 minutes from where I did.

I did not find anything related to me until I got to the second page, where I found my Pinterest page listed in the search results.. Since I use my middle initial for just about everything I decided to add that to my search. When I searched “Emily C. Rios” the first page of the search results feature several of my social media profiles and blogs that I am using or have used for school.



The second page of results featured by Twitter profile, but as I moved through the results pages it was mostly results dealing with Emily Rios the actress or people with the name Emily or the last name Rios. I then decided to Google my name all together with no spaces, emilycrios, and that yielded my Instagram and Twitter profiles and Tweets that I have posted.

The last time I took the time to Google myself I was an undergrad journalism student who was cranking out several online articles a week so most of my results were typically connected to articles I had written, the newspaper I was writing for or the school I was attending. Now my search results yield my personal social media profiles and blog sites.


5 thoughts on “I’m a student, not an actress

  1. There’s an actress named Julie McKinney, too! But she’s only been “Baseball Fan #5” in a movie I have never heard of — but I ranked ahead of her in Google results! Woohoo!

    It’s so weird that she not only has the same middle initial as you, but she also grew up so close to you! Did you ever know her, or realize that you lived so close to an actress?

    Even though I sort of went back and forth about whether to take my husband’s last name, I’m glad I did because I have better SEO now! Clark is my maiden name and there’s a Julie Clark who is “an aerobatic air show pilot and former commercial airline pilot” who shows up first for that search. And then the creator of Baby Einstein is also named Julie Clark, who isn’t far behind the pilot in results. So I’m glad I don’t have to compete with those ladies anymore. 🙂

    • EmilyCRios says:

      She was in a movie Quinceañera in 2006 that became popular and I only realized we had the same name and grew up near each other when a relative of mine tried searching for articles I had written for my college newspaper and kept getting results related to the actress. Since I am not married I had not even thought about how having changed your last name would affect search results, but at least in your case it helped.

  2. Hi Emily,
    That’s crazy that some actress who grew up near you has the same name and the same middle initial! Under my maiden name as an undergraduate student, I was kind of in the same boat as you, getting my name out there in searches by cranking out more news stories. Now, most of my search results are social media-related. I didn’t even think to search my online aliases like you did when doing my searches. I didn’t clear out my browser history before I searched, but I also did a Google search on the browser I rarely use and got pretty much the same results.

  3. Hi Emily,

    I didn’t even think to clear my browser history before I started my search. I think it’s awesome that even though you share your name with an actress, you still popped up on the second page of results! And even though you share the same middle initial, it’s neat that when you added the “C” to your search, you appeared far more than the actress. It seems that overall, you are pretty google-able and easy to find on the web.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I’ve used my middle initial for as long as I can remember and people always tease me about it, but seeing how it helped me come up in search results I am definitely going to keep using it and I’m thankful that the actress isn’t using it as well.

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