Wait, I have a Cartwheel for that


February 19, 2014 by EmilyCRios


As a self proclaimed cheapskate and a person who is always on the hunt for a good deal I gravitate towards any app that’s incentive is saving me money. I typically go to Target at least once a week so I jumped at the chance to download their Cartwheel app.

Cartwheel offers a variety of discount throughout the store and the more you use the app the more spaces your ear to add deals. Users can sign up via their Facebook or using their email address.You can browse through all the items with cartwheel deals or your can browse through collections. Recently Target implemented a barcode scanner into the app so that you can simply scan a item’s barcode and the app will tell you whether or not their is a deal available. After adding deals to your cartwheel you then show the barcode that appears at the top of the app to the cashier to earn your savings.


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When the app first launched it could take a while to connect depending on if you were using 3G or 4G, but Target now has free WiFi in the stores and they have been advertising that when you first walk in which is great for Cartwheel users.

One of the greatest things about Cartwheel deals is that you can them in addition to sales prices, coupons and with the 5% discount you receive when making purchases with your Target RED credit or debit card. There are terms to this and no more than one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon and one Cartwheel can be combiners per item and each Cartwheel can be used for up to four qualifying items per transaction and you can use your Cartwheel barcode six times a day.

For someone who frequents Target a lot, their Cartwheel app is extremely useful because it allows you to save money an keeps track of how much you are saving.

One of the downsides of Cartwheel is that it does not incorporate the mobile Target coupons you can receive via text message so if you are using both you have to switch between the app and your text messages when you go to pay.

I use Cartwheel every time I go to Target and at times it is a deciding factor in whether or not I purchase a product.


4 thoughts on “Wait, I have a Cartwheel for that

  1. Jason Belo says:

    Hey Emily.

    It seems like the Red Dot Boutique aka Target is one of those stores that people visit to purchase a few items, and end up leaving with a cart full of stuff 😉

    After the most recent credit card breach, Target’s PR devised a plan to say “we’re sorry”, and offered 10% off to all shoppers for their credit fraud apology.

    Do you think that Target has built an encrypted and secure app or mobilized shopping experience to help prevent that incident from happening again?

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I am definitely one of those people that always leaves Target with more than I intended. In addition to offering 10% off to all customers on certain days they are also offering a free year of credit monitoring to all of its card holders who can sign up at I don’t use Target’s regular app where you can purchase items directly, but I am sure that they have worked and are continuing to work diligently to make sure they do not have another breach.

  2. I actually downloaded this app today, and I freaking love it. I can’t wait to go to Target next. How did I not know this app existed until now? My almost-daily grocery runs are made to a locally-owned grocery story (Any of my classmates heard of Piggly Wiggly? 🙂 ) right around the corner from our house, but I also regularly have to make trips to Target for the kind of stuff not carried in a neighborhood grocery store. And I’ll be using my new Cartwheel app from now on.

    Jason, I honestly haven’t been closely following Target’s actions since the hack, but I am sure they are pulling out all the stops to make sure such a nightmare never happens again — it’s just not good business. I would imagine that Target wants to regain and keep all affected customers’ trust, and they should have the money to hire whomever they have to hire to make sure a hack like that never happens again.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I pretty much go to Target for everything especially now that all of the ones around me have a grocery section. I am so obsessed with the app that it drives people crazy that i’m constantly checking to see if items have a Cartwheel deal before I buy them, but I love to see the amount of money I have saved go up.

      I think since the hack Target has done a good job at showing the customers that they are working hard to not only regain trust, but protect customers as well.

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