Venturing into Second Life


February 12, 2014 by EmilyCRios

In order to fully understand a virtual world, you have to become a part of it thus begins my journey into Second Life.

It took me a awhile to actually get Second Life downloaded and once I did it seemed to operate slowly and then freeze up at times, but I’m assuming that has something to do with the computer I was using.Snapshot1_001

With all of the options I can see that why people take creating their avatar very seriously, but much like how I am in real life I kept my avatar simple as a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl. Once I saw another avatar I approached them and said hello and the person immediately responded with a series of acronyms that I had never heard about and before I could type my response they walked away. I then turned to the next closest avatar that was a fox and they asked me if I was new here. I told them yes and then they told me what to click to fly and that I should look for a portal to go to a different destination.


Following their advice I searched for a portal and was taken to Social Island 1 where music was playing and people were dancing. People were chatting in several languages so it was hard to figure out what was going on. I tend to be a socially awkward person in real life when it comes to large crowds and I felt the same way in Second Life. I wasn’t sure who I should approach or what I should say so I just stood off to the side and observed everyone else. There were a few other people off to the side so I approached them to say hello and one said that he was new to second life as well and wanted to see if it was something he could get into. After chatting with him for a few minutes a scree popped up in my window saying that someone was offering to teleport me to London City and I accepted the offer.



I liked the vibe of London City with modern music playing, but realized that I am just as clumsy in Second Life as I am in really life and was constantly walking into things and people. I love people watching and Second Life is the perfect place to do that and even overheard people appearing to argue with a female avatar accusing a male of spending too much time with someone else.

While I don’t see how I could devote hours of my life to participating in Second Life I can definitely see how people can once they begin to socialize and develop bods with people with the virtual world.



5 thoughts on “Venturing into Second Life

  1. Hello Emily! it’s good that you found some help when you got you arrived! I don’t know if there is a problem with my imagination, but since everything was new to me, I had no clue of what to do. So, just like you, I began to walk around, spent a lot of time flying, and ended up in a sailboat which I wanted to take somewhere, but it was not possible! Just like you, I danced but after a while, I wondered “how much more time do I want to dance?” Also, you had the chance to witness some drama, just like real life! I also heard a discussion between two girls because one of them was saying bad words! In short, I think we both feel the same about Second Life, yet appreciate the opportunity to play for a while.

  2. Hi Emily, I thought it was so interesting how you mention that you still felt socially awkward in Second Life. I can tell you I felt more awkward in Second Life than in real life or RL as they say. This was a shock to me because people usually say that you feel less inhibited on a virtual world, but for me it was the complete opposite. Like you, I was also thrown off by the acronyms and abbreviations at first, but once you get the hang of it is fine. I love the fact that you got to chat with a fox 😀

    • EmilyCRios says:

      The fox was definitely a highlight. I think because I was new to Second Life and wasn’t entirely sure what I should be doing I was super aware of every move I made and was completely overthinking everything I said when attempting to interact with people. SL was an interesting experience that i’m sure gets better the more time you spend exploring and interacting in the virtual world.

  3. Hi Emily,

    I’m happy to hear you received so much guidance from seasoned SL users! It sounds like your experience, overall, was a positive one. While most people I interacted with on SL seemed to be friendly as well, I couldn’t quite figure out how to get my avatar to interact with theirs. So kudos to you! The only way I managed to communicate with them was via chat. And in some of the chats that contained larger groups, I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. I’m thinking there should be a SL slang terminology book for us newbies.

    I found it very interesting to hear that your real world personality was still evident in the virtual world avatar you created. I think most people would say that the opposite happens to them. They use the virtual world as their escape from reality and their day-to-day personality. That’s not to say that the majority of SL users lie; rather, I think they spend a lot of time trying to impress their fellow players.

  4. Hi Emily!

    I find it very humorous that so many people were asked if they were “new here.” I wonder what it is specifically that they can call out to tell we are new! It didn’t happen to me but I’m sure people were talking…I mean I was walking into walls, falling off bridges and flying underwater! I had the issue of no one speaking English around me – as I mentioned din my post, it took me ages to fid even just one person to speak to me in English. Once I found him, it was quite possibly the shortest conversation ever. I don’t see how people spend hours upon hours on the site either – but I suppose if you’re not a very good at social interaction in the real world, a virtual world might be quite appealing!

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