Survey and Social Media Part 2


February 5, 2014 by EmilyCRios

When coming up with a survey topic last week I chose to examine people’s social media use and preferences and while I did not get as many responses as I would have hoped, but it did allow me to gain a little insight on people’s feelings towards different social media sites.

One hundred percent of the people who took my survey have social media profiles, 72% were females and 76.92% were between the ages of 21 and 29.


The group of people who completed my survey are very active in regards to often they are on social media with 84.62% answering that they log onto social media networks more than once a day.

what sites

One hundred percent of respondents use Facebook, a fact that was not surprising because that it where I sought them out. The next most used site was Instagram, followed by Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The least used social media site was Google+ that saw only 34.62% of respondents using it. With this question I gave people an other option where they could fill in a social media site that they use that was not listed. Five people listed tumblr and one person listed Skype. Tumblr is extremely popular and I wish I would have added it to my list to see how many people are active on it. I did not include Skype because I have never viewed it as a social media site.

The question I was most eager to see responses from was how people would rank the social media sites listed (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest) in  order with 1 being their favorite and 6 being their least favorite.


Facebook is clearly the dominant site according to by results with 50% of respondents placing it as their favorite and everyone else giving it the number 2 or number 3 slot. No one ranked Pinterest as their favorite which I found surprising since most of my responses came from females and that is where Pinterest draws most of its audience from. Google+ was the only other site option that no one listed as their favorite, but I feel like that comes down to the fact that a lot of people still don’t know what the site does or how they should be using it.

When asked why a certain site was their favorite almost everyone who chose Facebook did so because it was the site where they were connected with the most people. Instagram, which 34.62% chose as their favorite social media site led the way for people because they like that it was all about photos.


I assumed that apps would lead by a significant margin when it came to how people prefer access social media sites, but looking at my next question and seeing that 88.46% of respondents are accessing social media sites from their laptops the numbers of people using web browsers makes more sense.


If I had to do the survey over again I would have distributed it on more social media sites instead of just on Twitter. I would have also distributed it to people via email because I know not everyone uses or has social media profiles, but since I only sought responses on survey 100% of people obviously answered that they have social media profiles.


11 thoughts on “Survey and Social Media Part 2

  1. Jason Belo says:

    Hey Emily.

    I’m not surprised to see that Instagram was a fan favorite. The sensation known as Instagram wouldn’t have achieved a $1 billion buyout within 18 months of launching if it wasn’t a hit.

    Instagram is Social, and people love to tell others what they are doing, eating, buying, and seeing. It’s no wonder Instagram is so popular. Sharing an image through Instagram not only communicates what we are doing and where we are doing it, it gives Instagrammers the ability to add a little pizazz with the help of filters. Of course we all know some of the ladies love taking selfless with no, ahem, filter. 😉

    Did I mention Instagram is Free? Instagram is easy to use and fun for the whole family.
    Unlike the ditzy user interface and long loading times experienced by users of other photo-sharing applications, the current version of the app loads quickly, and in this age of instant gratification this feature alone wins the crowd over.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      You are completely right when it comes to Instagram. People love photos and instant gratification and Instagram allows for both of those things. Everyone surveyed who chose Instagram as their favorite commented that they love it because it is all about the visuals that you can scroll through without having to think about anything else. As far as surveying Instagram user it wold be interesting to see how people feel about advertising on the platform.

  2. Hi Emily! very interesting results. I thought you did a great job at putting together your survey. Question for you…Do you think that may be the result you got of the high percentage of respondents that log in several times on their social network profiles could be due to the fact that you distributed it on social media, so those who completed your survey did so in a shorter period of time because they are the ones who log in more often? just a thought, but it will be interesting to analyze more.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I definitely think my results could be skewed because I distributed it on social media. I wish I would have thought to seek out respondents via email because I definitely think it would have changed my end results and I would have gotten people who don;t use social media at all..

  3. caseygrenet says:

    Hi Emily- Great information and well put together. I was expecting to see that Facebook was a fan favorite, and ranked as most used and most popular. I was actually surprised to see that Instagram beat out Twitter! I absolutely love Instagram, so I would have put that at #2 behind Facebook as well, but seeing that most other people agreed was interesting. I am shocked that it beat Twitter since Twitter has been around longer and a lot of people have been on Twitter for a while. This just goes to show you that people appreciate visually appealing photos. I was very very surprised to see that Pinterest didn’t get a higher ranking. When Pinterest first came out, I was on it all day everyday, but over the past few months, I have been on it a lot less. I am not sure if I have lost interest in it or if I am just on social all day since I now work in it and when I get home I just need a break. Great blog post!

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I definitely thought Twitter would come in right behind Facebook, but I think people are drawn more to visuals and that ranked Instagram high commented that they loved being able to just scroll through photos and video. I have also gotten a little bored with Pinterest lately, but according to their blog ( they are updating their mobile app to make it cleaner and more user-friendly so perhaps that will draw more people in or back in.

  4. Hi Emily,
    Like others before me said, I was surprised, yet not surprised that Instagram is No. 2. It is not No. 2 to me yet, but I know everyone else is ga-ga for it. I’m probably going to sound like a fuddy duddy, but as of right now, I see Instagram as a limited platform. You can only use it from a phone app, it’s clunky as hell to try and grab pictures off of its profiles from a web browser and users can actually do more on Facebook (maybe not with photo filters, but I can post links, photos and video on Facebook). As a professional, however, I see that Instagram is a necessary place to be. Once Instagram works its bugs out, it will be great!

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I am a fan of Instagram, but it ranks lower than 2 for me as well. Typically everything I post on Instagram I share on my Facebook as well and usually get way more interaction with it on Facebook. I think adding video was a great step for Instagram especially as Vine started gaining momentum and I think even more people will get into Instagram once it moves beyond the app and you can upload photos/videos from a computer.

  5. Hi Emily!

    Even though you didn’t the number of respondents that you were hoping for, I think you were able to collect some interesting data. I think it goes without saying that 100% of your respondents have a social media account – since you were only posting the survey on social, it would be hard for that question to reflect anything other than 100%. I really enjoyed the question where you asked us to rank our social sites in order of our favorite to least favorite – I was so excited to see those results! I think it’s awesome that 0% of the respondents put Facebook in the 4th, 5th or 6th position – and they say Facebook is dying! 😉 I definitely think that you should take advantage of more social sites when posting your survey (if you were to do it again) – Google+ and LinkedIn would be great additions!

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I thought at least a few people would rank Facebook lower because I’m constantly hearing people talk about how much they are over Facebook, but it is clearly nowhere close to dying.This assignment definitely helped me see how valuable surveys can be and I definitely think I will try to incorporate them as I move forwards professionally.

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