Sony and SEO


January 15, 2014 by EmilyCRios


Sony is multinational company that produces a variety of electronics from laptops and cameras to gaming systems. Sony also focuses on entertainment with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Movie Entertainment and Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Below are ten keywords that I feel are associated with Sony and how they ranked in a Google search.

  1. Electronics: Page 1, Result 6
  2. Entertainment: Page 12, Result 1
  3. Gaming: Page 4, Result 2
  4. 4K TV: Page 1, Result 7
  5. Make Believe: Page 1, Result 8
  6. PlayStation: Page 1, Result 1
  7. Laptops: Page 3, Result 2
  8. Ereader: Page 1, Result 8
  9. Dslr: Page 1, Result 5
  10. Camcorders: Page 1, Result 4


The words I chose did fairly well in a Google  Search and when looking at the meta/alt page on Sony’s website, it is clear they do well in regards to SEO because their keywords focus on the type of products they make, specific product names and their various brands.

sonyThese keywords can also be found throughout their actual website. Their homepage does a great job of highlighting the company as a whole and showcasing numerous products without being overwhelming.


4 thoughts on “Sony and SEO

  1. Hi Emily,

    I appreciated how you included a photo of the code of meta tags used on Sony’s website. That was certainly helpful in proving your point that Sony does a great job of highlighting the company as a whole through their use of keywords.

    I also liked how you used a combination of both broad and targeted search terms. When conducting my own research on the LEGO brand I used broad search terms, and I think I would’ve had better results if I had been more specific and used more targeted search terms, like specific product names. In the screenshot you shared, Sony’s website show both broad and targeted keywords.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      Because Sony is such a large company with a huge variety of products. I felt like I had to choose keywords that were broad, but also targeted keywords like specific product names or slogans that they use in order to see positive results.

  2. It’s funny you wrote about Sony because my husband told me I should write about Sony when I asked him to pick a multinational company at random for me. It totally makes sense that Sony would rank near the top in products that they specialize in (PlayStation, 4K TV). Sony has a LOT of products, but it seems from the screenshot of their code you provided that they engage in keyword stuffing, even though they probably don’t. I think it’s really just due to their sheer volume of products. I guess as long as they put the keywords in places where they make sense and don’t just put them in to increase the keyword percentage mix, then it’s OK. It’s a good thing that Sony has separate websites for its music business, though people may still come across the main Sony website in their searches, so it is probably good to have all the keywords covered on the main site.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      At first look I also thought perhaps they were engaging in keyword stuffing, but like you I think it is because of the large number of products they offer. I liked how although sony has multiple sites for their separate entities you can still access them from the many Sony page which is why the terms associated with those pages are included in the keywords

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