SEO crucial for website success


October 21, 2013 by EmilyCRios

Search Engine Optimization or SEO deals with the things you can do to your website to promote it and gain traffic through search engines.

There are a variety of ways to improve your SEO. Cognito put together a list of 10 tips that if followed can help improve SEO-Tips-Infographic-V211a website’s SEO. The list includes content, showcase coverage, keywords, phrases, keyword ratio, text styling, images, video tags, hyperlinks and analytics.

The list made me aware that written content is not the only things that should be tagged. Video and photos should be tagged as well to help improve the likelihood that they can be found via a search engine.

Google analytics can play a major role in increasing SEO. Google Analytics allows users to:

  • See which marketing initiatives are most effective.
  • Look at how they can the website convert more visitors into customers
  • See which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions
  • Learn
    • Which pages retain visitors the longest
    • What search terms people use to find the site

Improving your site SEO and utilizing Google Analytics can earn a site a higher position in Google search results which is extremely beneficial. According to a report by Chitika Insights mentioned in a MarketingProfs article, A website with the first position in Google results receives 33 percent of the search traffic for a keyword and the site in the second position receives 18 percent for the second position.

In “How to Move Your Blog Post Up in Search Results,” Ian Cleary discusses six things a blogger can do to to get rewarded by Google and move up in Google search results:

  1. Tweak your title page: Moving the most important words to the beginning of your headline can help move your post up in Goggle ratings.
  2. Create a Slideshare of your content: Content added to a Slideshare is indexed on Google in seconds.
  3. Optimize your images: All images should have a name, title and tag that relates to what it is so that it can be easily found via a search engine. Also bloggers should make sure their photo is uploaded in the proper size because a site can be penalized if it takes a long time to load.
  4. Improve your internal linking to the post: Link to posts from other blog posts using key words.
  5. Get External Links to the Post: FInd an online audience that can benefit from your posts and use them to help promote.
  6. Share your posts on Google+: Content posted on Google+ will appear higher in the search if people in your network are using Google as their search engine.

When it comes to SEO the main focus seems to be on tagging and making sure content, images and videos included, are given labels that will show up in search results and accurately portray what the content is.

What steps have you taken to increase your site’s SEO?

What do you think is the most important aspect to look at when trying to improve your SEO?


6 thoughts on “SEO crucial for website success

  1. Jason Belo says:

    Hi Emily.

    Google+ is a staple in the SEO strategy for any brand. Since two thirds of searches in the US are Google based, a brand needs to have its content indexed and searchable in this manner.
    It has been documented that Google+ posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old still top of search result pages providing a business with a higher visual profile in search results.

    The use of Google authorship is closely tied to content authority, and Google will give a higher profile to authoritative content in search results. Not to mention, the use of hashtags in Google+ connects every post to a search on the platform.

    It’s a content marketers dream.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      Prior to this class I was hesitant about Google+ mostly because I really wasn’t sure how it worked, but now that I am aware of how it works and how posting content on the site makes it more searchable I would definitely agree that it is a marketers dream.

  2. lesleygeyer says:

    Hi Emily,
    After this week’s reading I have gone through my website (and my blog, but more my website), and labelled my photos better for better SEO. I had a big “DUH” moment when I put it all together that labeling and tagging my photos of lingerie.. on a website for a lingerie store… where I sell lingerie… would increase my SEO for people searching for lingerie. I have run some early preliminary analytics and I notice a small increase. Hopefully that will play out and continue to be a permanent thing and not just some Halloween related glitch.

  3. EmilyCRios says:

    After reading about how useful it is for searching when you tag a label your photos it seems obvious that everyone should be doing it, but I like most people had never put much thought into the file names of my photos, but now I definitely will. Hopefully you will continue to see an increase in SEO now that you are tagging and labeling your photos.

  4. blduckworth says:

    What steps have you taken to increase your site’s SEO? Well this week I’ve grown by leaps and bounds. I set up Hootsuite, but what’s proving to be more interesting is I looked into my Google Analytics. This is helping me to understand what content and style of posts people like the most. I also added share buttons on each post making it easier for people to share a specific post with their networks. I wish I had done this sooner because it wasn’t very user friendly without it.

    What do you think is the most important aspect to look at when trying to improve your SEO? This is a good question. I think it’s most important to look at your referral traffic to understand how people find your content. Is it social (and which networks), is it Google search, is it direct. Then target those pathways for increasing traffic.

  5. tjstrese says:

    I think the most important thing one can do to improve SEO is to take advantage of Google’s authorship policy. Making sure that we are confirmed on Google+ through some of the techniques discussed are a great way to help with our search-ability.

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