Utilize LinkedIn to market yourself


September 24, 2013 by EmilyCRios


LinkedIn is changing the way people view and create resumes.

It is a space to take the traditional words on paper resume and make it more interactive and give users a space to connect with companies and individuals from fields they work in or want to work in. “LinkedIn also is pushing into content by aggregating business news and hosting expert blog posts, to give professionals more reasons to linger on the site. The more active its members, the more ads LinkedIn can sell and the more data it garners for its corporate customers’ hiring and recruiting needs” (Rusli)

When it comes to creating a compelling LinkedIn profile many people, myself included, are failing to utilize all that the site has to offer. LinkedIn also you to include a summary with your profile that basically serves as a space to tell about yourself and sell yourself to potential employers. Many people fail to complete a summary and that is one of the “8 Mistakes You Should Never Make on LinkedIn” according to Libby Kane. LinkedIn is similar to other social media sites in that it allows you to post status updates. According to LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams In 8 Mistakes, You could be updating about a colleague getting a promotion or sharing a great article you wrote. Every few days, put something in your status to keep it fresh, and show you’re active and engaged—no one will know what you’ve done if you’re not showing it off.”

Another mistake you should avoid according to LinkedIn’s senior manager of corporate communications Krista Canfield, is having a lackluster professional headline. She mentions this mistake in regards to journalists, but it is important that everyone has a strong, appealing headline because it can be used to draw people to your profile.

Copyblogger writer Lewis Howes offers 7 ways to strengthen your LinkedIn profile which are:

  • It’s all about the headline    LinkedIn_Infographic-01
  • Get personal
  • Spell check. And then check again
  • Make a call to action
  • Social proof is powerful proof
  • Improve your search ratings
  • Stand out from the crowd

As far as my own LinkedIn profile I have the basics in regard to using it as strictly a resume, but I definitely need to brush it up with a more professional photo, a headline and I need to begin creating status updates. Status updates are important because “once people have found your profile, seeing things like your latest updates will let them know you are active as well as the right fit for their business needs,” according to Kristi Hines.

After this week’s readings what, if anything, are you going to change about your LinkedIn profile?

What are your feelings about LinkedIn?How big a role to you feel it should play in company recruitment? 


6 thoughts on “Utilize LinkedIn to market yourself

  1. Emily,

    I definitely feel like my profile is lackluster after this week. I know that I need a call to action, as well as a better headline, and more information about my company and what I can do, right now there is nothing on there. I also know that I need to work on my presence as a whole, with updates and reaching out to the groups I am a part of to build my influence in the community. I don’t mind that people recruit off of LinkedIn, but if they are taking it seriously and recruiting from profiles I know that I need to step up my game and make sure that I am putting my best foot forward. Great post!

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I definitely need to take my LinkedIn profile and improve it so that it does a better job of highlighting what can do. I have never added posts or status updates to my profile, but that is something that I am going to try to make a point of doing because it can be another way to highlight the work I have done or show what I find valuable. The fact that LinkedIn has become a major recruiting tool means everyone needs to make sure they have a strong profile.

  2. Gavin Saul says:

    Hey Emily,
    This week’s reading has lit a flame under me to actually enhance my LinkedIn profile. I guess I never really thought or knew the importance employers are putting on their hiring strategies in relation to this platform. Now that I know of the importance, I want to incorporate as many things as possible onto it that I feel employers will respond well to.
    I think LinkedIn should play a solid role in “finding” a candidate, but an in-person interview still ranks ahead, and to me, always should. People could have hired someone, or stretched the truth on their LinkedIn profile. You also want to make sure the candidate’s live communication skills measure up to their online communication skills.
    I don’t want businesses to entirely judge someone’s credibility for the job solely based on their LinkedIn profile, but I do like how they use it as “part” of their strategy in the hiring process.

    • EmilyCRios says:

      I had also never really thought about how important LinkedIn has become in regards to how companies go about hiring so I am definitely focused on strengthening my profile. I think regardless of how important someone’s LinkedIn become the deciding factor should always be an in-person interview because you don’t really know a person until you interact with them face to face.

  3. kblitch says:

    I have to give my entire LinkedIn profile an overhaul– the shell is there, but it needs some help. Yikes! I’m missing the valuable content. It makes me think that if you were looking at an actual resume, I gave you the headline, but none of the bullets to support it. When you think of it that way, I’d be passed up by an HR Department so quickly. Why would I post something such as that to represent myself? Clearly because I didn’t understand the power of the tool. Now that I do know, it needs to be rectified.

    After working with our HR Department, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, so I know that it is taken seriously, and all should. Personally I do, but others should as well. I cannot force people to, but I can “strongly encourage” them to consider how important it is utilize the tool wisely. We’re only as good as the tools we’re given, and this is a powerful one that can be utilized for free. So why not do it well?

    • EmilyCRios says:

      The more I learned about LinkedIn the more I realized I need to sit down and really amp up my profile so that it showcases what I have done and what I am capable of. I’m loving delving in to all the different social media formats because even if I am not necessarily using them for work at the moment I am able to share what I’m learning with others, especially with my friends who are undergrads and have no idea where to start as far as building their LinkedIn profile. In addition to showcasing your skills and talents LinkedIn also shows potential employers how well you can write, organize your thoughts and build a brand even if the brand is yourself, which are important skills needed for any potential job.

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