Monthly Archives: September 2013

  1. Utilize LinkedIn to market yourself


    September 24, 2013 by EmilyCRios

    LinkedIn is changing the way people view and create resumes. It is a space to take the traditional words on …
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  2. Facebook vs. Google+


    September 16, 2013 by EmilyCRios

    There are many misconceptions out there about Google+, which I believe mostly stem from the fact that people were expecting …
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  3. Tips to Build Your Brand in 140 Characters


    September 10, 2013 by EmilyCRios

    Prior to the 2006 launch of Twitter 140 was just another number. Now it serves as the number of characters …
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  4. Generate Content, Generate an Audience


    September 2, 2013 by EmilyCRios

    One of the most beneficial components of social media is that it enables a brand to deliver their message to …
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